Meet Elevé Beauty, Anna

natural makeup

Meet Elevé Beauty, Anna

Gorgeous Anna is a natural stunner. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. We are honored to have such a sweet soul be a part of our Elevé Entourage!

Get her look, created by Elevé artist, Lauren Lumsden:


BOMBSHELL Beauty Balm (Light)

FIXE Concealer  (Buff)

Faux Filter Hi-Def Powder  (Medium)


Little Black Dress Palette  Greenwhich Village (all over lid), Clarksville (crease), Nob Hill (crease and below bottom lash line), Soco (inner corners to highlight)

Eye Batter Cake Eyeliner  in Black Sheep (applied with Draw the Line Eyeliner Sealer)

Brow Boss  (Dirty Blonde)


Cheek & Lip Rosè (Napa)


Lip AMP (London)

natural makeup

Follow all of Anna’s adventures on Instagram @annaimosity.



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Elevé All Day

Elevé all day!


Hello Beautiful!

Ever wonder what it means to “elevé all day”??

It’s quite simple really… “elevé all day” is the art of taking on our elevé lifestyle. It is living a life that is focused on leaving a positive influence in this world through our actions. It is upholding the highest of standards and values in every aspect of our lives. It is rising UP to become our very best self each and every day!

So…how can you elevé all day??? With a little love of course!

Love your skin!

Elevé products don’t just beautify your skin, they also nourish it! The line is full of antioxidants, peptides and anti-aging ingredients to enhance your skin’s health. So by simply caring for your skin, you can “elevé all day.”

Love our furry friends!

We don’t tolerate cruelty and neither should you! From puppies to bunnies, we love all our furry friends the same, which is why we NEVER test on animals. So if you want to “elevé all day,” all you have to do is love our adorable, furry friends.


Elevé loves you, so you should too! We craft our products with the intent to enhance natural beauty and empower women. So love your beautiful self by wearing our quality makeup. “Elevé all day” and love yourself every day!

Love others!

Once you have mastered the art of living an Elevé lifestyle, spread the word! Share the experience with your friends, family and neighbors. Love others and teach them how to “elevé all day” too!



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Our Secrets Revealed! Shhh…

Dear Elevé Family,

We take pride in providing you with the highest quality makeup for your everyday beauty routines. But we don’t want to stop there…that’s why we are sharing our secrets to creating the PERFECT Elevé look using some of our essentials!


Be a beauty BOMBSHELL

Apply a dime-sized amount of BOMBSHELL all over face for exceptional coverage. If you prefer a light, glowy look, mix it with a dab of sheer lumière (the more sheer lumière you mix in, the more glowy your skin will be).


Got a problem? We can FIXE that!

Apply a dab of FIXE in a triangle under the eyes and blend to cover any dark circles. Use the concealer to spot treat any problem areas as well!


#NOFILTER – we mean it!

Use our Faux Filter High Definition setting powder in the T-zone and any areas you want more coverage for a silky smooth and radiant look. Say goodbye to those picture editing filters and hello to your flawless, beautiful self!


Wow, look at that brow!

If you like a bold brow like we do, use the Brow Wow brush to apply light strokes of Brow Boss to the brows. (Dirty Blonde is always a good, neutral shade that works with most hair colors and it will give you a more naturally refined look) P.S. It’s also smudge free and water resistant!


You’re making me blush…

Using the Faux Fiber (Small Face) Brush, apply Cheek & Lip Rosé to the upper cheek bones from the apples of your cheeks and working backwards. Use the shade: Sonoma for a pretty, coral-tone!


AMP up those lips!

Apply your favorite shade of Lip AMP and you’re ready to go! (We recommend the rose-pink shade: Rome, for a natural, everyday look)


Ready, set, GLOW!

For an extra shimmery glow, dab a pin-size drop of sheer lumière to the very top of the upper cheek and brow bones. (You can also mix it with your body lotion for an all-over body glow.)


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Rise Up!

So…what does “Elevé” actually mean?

In ballet, Elevé means “to rise” and here at Elevé Cosmetics, we believe in just that! We are rising above the world of cosmetics with our unique, fashion-forward beauty line for the modern woman!

How are we doing this?

We are rising above inhumane testing methods to create cosmetic products 100% FREE of animal testing. We are rising above harsh chemicals typically used in makeup to create all-natural products that are actually GOOD for your skin and the environment. And we are rising above the misconception that makeup is used to hide our insecurities, and showing women how to enhance their own unique beauty.


Well because we care! We care about our environment and the other beautiful species that call this planet home. We care about promoting healthy lifestyles, both inside and out. We care about enhancing beautiful AND healthy skin. We care about increasing individual self-esteem and instilling confidence in women. And…we care about YOU!

Elevé strives to promote beauty in a way that rises above the current world of cosmetics and we want YOU to join us in our mission. We are transforming the industry from the inside out, using all-natural ingredients, methods and values that rise above the industry standards.

Here at Elevé Cosmetics, we are rising…and we want you to rise UP and “elevé” with us!

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