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Shop from our best selling collection of long-lasting cream formulas.
Cheek & Lip Rosé {Cream Blush}
Cheek & Lip Rosé {Cream Blush}
Napa (dusty rose)
Champagne (nude bronze)
Tuscany (petal pink)
Sonoma (coral reef)
Bordeaux (sheer rosy red)
Burgundy (berry mauve)
Rioja (sheer berry with gold)
Flashdance {Liquid Highlighter} - Elevé Cosmetics
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Warm Rose Gold
Cool Soft Opal
Future So Bright Highlight {Cream Glow}
Future So Bright Highlight {Cream Glow}
Café au Lait (soft bronze)
Starlight (soft gold)
Coral Reef (soft coral)
Sandy Beach (soft beige)