*NEW* EYE Got This Faux Lashes {Signature Half}

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  • *NEW* EYE Got This Faux Lashes {Signature Half}
  • *NEW* EYE Got This Faux Lashes {Signature Half}

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Our Signature Half False Lashes are a voluminous design created to accentuate and lift the outer corners of eyes for a bright-eyed look. Because half lashes are easier to apply, these are perfect for newbies!

Made by hand from 100% natural human hair, our falsies are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Handcrafted with love from 100% natural human hair. Lashes can be used up to 15 times with proper care.

Apply one coat of Lash Party to lashes. Place the falsies directly above the lash line. Follow with an additional coat of mascara to blend. 

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