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Rise Up!

So…what does “Elevé” actually mean?

In ballet, Elevé means “to rise” and here at Elevé Cosmetics, we believe in just that! We are rising above the world of cosmetics with our unique, fashion-forward beauty line for the modern woman!

How are we doing this?

We are rising above inhumane testing methods to create cosmetic products 100% FREE of animal testing. We are rising above harsh chemicals typically used in makeup to create all-natural products that are actually GOOD for your skin and the environment. And we are rising above the misconception that makeup is used to hide our insecurities, and showing women how to enhance their own unique beauty.


Well because we care! We care about our environment and the other beautiful species that call this planet home. We care about promoting healthy lifestyles, both inside and out. We care about enhancing beautiful AND healthy skin. We care about increasing individual self-esteem and instilling confidence in women. And…we care about YOU!

Elevé strives to promote beauty in a way that rises above the current world of cosmetics and we want YOU to join us in our mission. We are transforming the industry from the inside out, using all-natural ingredients, methods and values that rise above the industry standards.

Here at Elevé Cosmetics, we are rising…and we want you to rise UP and “elevé” with us!

pointe shoes

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